A Short Story Travel and Adventure Site


You've stumbled upon the website and blog of Aidan J. Reid, an aspiring author and regular blogger based in the Emerald Isle of Ireland.

This website is a hodgepodge of travel and adventure short stories as well as containing some off the wall thoughts on random topics which touch on some personal experiences that include:

  • Travel - I recently returned from a year of travel around Central and South America. I've also visited many countries in Europe and Australasia.

  • Qutting a cushy office job to start my own business.

  • Overcoming debilitating shyness to become an extrovert salesman.

  • Writing a book and getting it to market.

  • Hallucinogenic jungle tripping, skydiving, bungee jumping, shark swimming, marathon running, lucid dream navigating, busking, awesome kind of weird shit.

My ultimate goal is to amuse, inspire and perhaps even educate others with some of my assorted ramblings and thought farts.

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